Our Mission

Providing Individual, Specialized Education

At The Open Doorway School, we offer a unique educational experience. Each of our students receives an individualized curriculum and special one-on-one instruction.

Our classes are small and flexible to meet the needs of the individual student on a daily basis. Our student-to-teacher ratio is less than 5-to-1, among the lowest of institutions of our kind. This unique educational experience provides for personalized instruction and encourages maximum academic and personal growth.

The Open Doorway is a private K- 12 McKay Scholarship approved school and educational center for individuals with special needs and their families.

Tailored, intensive, individual learning

Our goal at the Open Doorway is to help each family by providing the necessary educational tools and facilities to teach each student child according to their individual needs.

We strive to help students of the Open Doorway reach their educational goals and achieve a lifetime of success. We do this by keeping an open mind and working with each student’s unique learning style.