Enrollment & Tuition

Serving Our Communities’ Needs

DescriptionAmountFee Type
Level A 251
Grades K-12
Max 15,000Tution
Level B 252
Grades K-12
Max 15,000Tution
Level C 253
Grades K-12
Max 20,000Tution
Level D 254
Grades K-12
Max 25,000Tution
Level E 255
Grades K-12
Max 30,000Tution
Annual Enrollment FeesMax 2,000.00
Graduation fees/Dissecting/
Science labs/ registration/
Miscellaneous Fees

Tuition’s correspond to child’s matrix for necessary staffing ration and learning materials. The school request any level tuition for any particular child based on the need of the child/staffing requirements. WE will not have students on our campus with outstanding needs to which we cannot accommodate; our goals is to have the right program in place for each of our students. The school charges $1000.00 out of pocket for the different between the scholarship amount to the tuition rate, this goes for all students including any private pay would pay the scholarship amount of that level (if they don’t have a scholarship) and a 1000.00.