School Curriculum

Individualized for Each Student

Our school follows the Florida Sunshine State Standards curriculum requirements.

The materials mandated include standard textbooks, special education, and teacher-designed materials.

Each student’s curriculum is specially designed for their individual learning needs and levels. There is no single standard publisher
or teaching method used for all students since our students each have unique learning styles.

By developing individualized lesson plans for each and every child, academic progress is much quicker than in a large group setting – truly a unique benefit.

Attaining a High School Diploma

High school curriculum for a regular diploma includes the required curriculum studies of the state of Florida for
graduation and participation in a college program.

To meet state requirements for a high school diploma, students are also required to perform 75 community service
hours, many of which are achieved through the various after-school programs offered.

High school curriculum for a special diploma includes special education levels of core curriculum and some pre-vocational skills.